Start Your Yoga Journey: 5 

Day Challenge

Release stress. Gain confidence. Connect movement with breath.
Join the live round starting 6th December!

Are You Ready to…

  • Reduce stress and feel more focused and in control?
  • Try yoga in the safety of your own home with a teacher who understands you?
  • Gain confidence by starting a yoga practice that builds strength and flexibility?
  • Learn how to connect yoga movement with breathing for a deeper hold in the pose?

You too can fit yoga into your schedule and find a way to release tension while enjoying movement and exercise.


Challenge begins soon...


Do You Have These Worries...?

"I'm nervous about starting yoga"

I was too! As an introvert the thought of going to a yoga class was so scary so I totally know how you feel. In this challenge you can join from the safety of your own home, and I'm here to support you.

"I don't have enough time for yoga"

Through the challenge you will learn how even a few minutes of yoga a day makes a difference to your mind and body. You don't need to spend an hour a day on the mat to feel the benefits.

"I'm not flexible enough for yoga"

That's okay! You don't have to be super flexible for yoga! Actually, practicing yoga will help you get there. It's different for every body.

What's included in the challenge: