tokyo yoga retreats

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Day (and maybe longer…) self-care and relaxation retreats.
A magical day of seasonal meditation, breathwork, yoga, reflection & more! Invite in a gentle start to your day and connect with your dreams.

Recharge and renew through yoga

Join me in living intentionally with the seasons. These retreats invite in the energy of each season! 

Winter: Renewal and hope as we look towards to lightening days and incoming spring! 

Spring: New seeds of growth and blossom as nature evolves around us.

Summer: Abundance, light and expression during this high-enery season.

Autumn: Change and reflection as the leaves change and world starts to prepare for winter slumber.

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Next retreat: Wednesday 20 March 11:00-15:00. Join this list for information on this retreat and future ones too!


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About me

I’m Alex! I’m from England and now I live and teach yoga in Tokyo, Japan!Here are some things about me:

1. I’m not naturally flexible and didn’t like sports as a child

2. I first started yoga when I was 23 in a sports gym in Tokyo

3. I’m an introvert and also a shy person, but teaching yoga helps me with my confidence

4. I’ve spent years as an English teacher in Japan and can speak English & Japanese

5. Yoga has helped me release tension & stress and now I can’t live without yoga!I’m so excited to practice with you! : )