Sunday Self-Care Class Pack

alex yoga for introverts closed eyes palms together

Join me for online yoga

Been feeling tired and overwhelmed this summer? Ready to come back home to yourself and feel balanced, relaxed? Join me and connect with your body and honour how you feel in the moment. Move how you want to move without putting stress on your body!

Are you ready to..?

  • Enjoy yoga in the safety of your own home – you can even join in your pjs from your bed!
  • Feel at home in your body – yoga can help you come back home to your truth by bringing the mind and body together
  • Move in an intuitive way, connect with your body and move how you want to in the moment

Join us online

The 4 classes will take place:

20th August
3rd September
10th September 
24th September

at 18:00-19:00 Japan time (10:00-11:00 UK time)

Replays will be available for you watch at your own time until 31st December


10,000 yen (around 54 GBP)

This includes all 4 classes and the replays


relaxed pose

About me

I’m Alex! I’m from England and now I live and teach yoga in Tokyo, Japan!Here are some things about me:

1. I’m not naturally flexible and didn’t like sports as a child

2. I first started yoga when I was 23 in a sports gym in Tokyo

3. I’m an introvert and also a shy person, but teaching yoga helps me with my confidence

4. I’ve spent years as an English teacher in Japan and can speak English & Japanese

5. Yoga has helped me release tension & stress and now I can’t live without yoga!I’m so excited to practice with you! : )